Kuilau Ridge Trail and Moalepe Trail
Kuilau Ridge Trail is a very nice hike. The first part is on an asphalt base path that has a gentle incline. The path continues to
be wide and un-rutted but still muddy in spots. After about 30-40 minutes, at the 1 mile mark, you will reach a small grassy
picnic area overlooking a valley. You can see Mt. Wai’ale’ale and the Makaleha Mountains if it’s clear. Across the first valley
you will see powerlines which follow the Kualapa Ridge. The Powerline Trail follow these power poles across the island. From
the right side of the clearing looking east you will see the trail switchbacking below you where the Kuilau Ridge Trail ends and
the Moalepe Trail begins. Continue down the path to the right to see winding, rolling hills and a view to the Nounou Mountains
and ocean. Once you reach the wooden bridge (Opaekaa Stream) you reach the end of the Kuilau Ridge Trail and the start of
the Moalepe Trail.

To get to Kuilau Ridge Trail you continue to drive past Opaekaa Falls to the end of the road. Just before you get to the Keahua
Forest Arboretum and the first stream crossing. The trail is on the right. Total round trip distance is 4 1/2 miles and 760 feet
elevation change.

Moalepe Trail begins at the yellow trail gate and looks more like a dirt road than a trail. It can be very muddy and rutted at
times. The trail is often used by equestrians for a good riding trail. Both sides of the trail are fenced for the first mile. The area
has views of lush pasture land and dotted with Philippine orchids while the Kamalii Ridge climbs into the Makaleha Mountains.
There are a couple of nice waterfalls off to the east which you get a better view of the further you go. After a gradual incline the
trail begins to switchback and forth and near the end of the trail it becomes increasingly muddy.